Captain Robin L Hutchison (Hurricane Hutch)

Robin Hutchison with Book.  Photo courtesy of Greenock Telegraph

Photocredit: Greenock Telegraph.

Hurricane Hutch’s Top 10 Ships of the Clyde is a beautiful book about Clyde Steamers of the post World War II era.

The book is written by Captain Robin Hutchison who, as a Master Mariner, served on around 35 ships in a career of 40 years.  Captain Hutchison has graciously selected his favorite 10 ships and shares stories about the life and times aboard these vessels.

Hardback – 80 pages – full colour – 285mm x 210mm – illustrated with 90 photographs.
ISBN 978-0-9927462-0-9

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  1. Andy Nicol

    Book ordered, cannae wait.

  2. Norma Maclean Straw

    My father was Captain Malcolm Maclean and he sailed most of the same ships between 1946 and 1979. I should have gotten him to write a book on his adventures.

  3. Andy Logan

    Sounds great. I knew Robin when I worked for the Caledonian Steam packet Co. before emigrating. I remember him best as mate on the ‘Caledonia’ A cheery able mariner. I’m a retired master from BC Ferries and am ordering the book pronto. Best wishes to Robin


  4. Jim Engebretsen

    I have been a neighbour of Robin for the past 37 years and during that time have often been enthralled by the tales he tells about his life on the ‘Clyde’.

    I’m so happy that Kay his daughter finally got him to sit down and allow her together with Richard get into print a little of his memories.

    There is far more that could be told and even with a good script writer be made into a TV series.

    Thanks, Jim. How about a soap or sit-com. Working Title: “Doon the Watter”.

  5. Donald MacRae

    A beautifully produced book, one I’ll want to pick up again and again. I’ve really appreciated the sharing of the author’s recollections and enjoyed many crossings with both the M.V. Jupiter and M.V. Caledonian Isles through the 1980’s and 1990’s.

  6. Alistair Henderson

    Hi Kay

    Just a ‘quickie’ to let you know that The Book arrived today,and is truly magnificent! At that price it is amazing value for such a high quality beautifully illustrated publication! I’ve actually brought it with me this evening!

    Captain Fogarty Fegen was one of my boyhood heroes;I do like the story of the whistle!

    We had a holiday hut near the old railway station at Dunure for many years;it was a short distance from the summer huts of the Kibble School of Paisley! I knew the area very well indeed in my younger days;I imagine it’ll have changed somewhat by now though!

    I’ll try to get a cheque away to you tomorrow night when I’m back on board “Hamnavoe”.

    My thanks again.

    Alistair Henderson

    Glad to hear Alistair – and thanks for posting your comment. Kay

  7. S Ratcliffe

    Hi Robin

    Sounds like a fantastic book, what was the MV Caledonia like as a ship ? She was the first ship I travelled on and have many happy memories of that ship.

    Best wishes

    Thanks Stuart. I expect Kay will ask her father about Caledonia and I’ll update this. You’ll see that Sandy Cunningham made favorable comments about Caledonia on “The Book” page. Robin Mills.

  8. Anita Mackay

    My husband grew up on the Clyde and spent his summer holidays on the Clyde steamers. (His friends’s father was a purser on the Waverley and the boys used to help “click” the passengers on and off.) Our trips to Scotland usually involve a trip “doon the watter” and for some years we have enjoyed exploring the islands on the Hebridean Princess. He will be so thrilled and surprised to get this book!

  9. So pleased to hear how well the book is doing. What a wonderful book it is. I hope it wins many awards.

    Another vessel I remember well was the M.V. Lochfyne , a MacBrayne diesel-electric ship. You used to see it from Greenock Academy as it was on its way down river. Built in 1931 it was the first diesel – electric ship in the UK. I last saw her tied up at Faslane in the summer of 1970 during a cruise on the M.V. ‘Second Snark’.

    Thank You, Colin. We’ve been short-listed for a Greenock Chamber of Commerce ‘Bees Knees’ Award and we’re working on our presentation to the judges. Robin Mills.

  10. I sailed with H H for many years. We always got on very well both on and off the varios vessels we sailed on.I visit him some times when I am in Greenock. I was at the launch of his book an enjoyed it when I read it. Most of the stories are true but I am not going to elaborate on them. Hope he has a long and healthy retirement as he really deserves

    Ian Whitton former master with CalMac

  11. peter lambie

    I met Captain Hutchison Whilst My Father Worked On Mv Jupiter,captain hutchison Was a True Gentleman A Privelege To Have Met Him, We Also sailed On Mv Jupiter From Gourock To The Govan Docks, Being Told All About The Upper Clyde From Captain Hutchison, happy Very Long Retirement Captain Hutchison.

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